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2012 - 2017  

In Between Time Festival 2013

Bristol International Festival 2015

Bristol International Festival 2017

As Senior Producer for In Between Time, I co-curated and managed the delivery of 3 editions of Bristol International Festival; a biennale programme of approximately 100 artists across live art, performance, social practice and public artwork.  


I commissioned large-scale sited projects in collaboration with artists, community organisations and city partners. Projects include Fujiko Nakaya’s Fog Bridge, a meteorological installation, which turned a commuter bridge into a cloud for 10 days, alongside Nakaya’s first retrospective exhibition; and Mammalian Diving Reflex’s Nightwalks with Teenagers Bristol , which culminated from a 6-month series of workshops exploring teenage isolation. 


Before leaving, I developed and secured a major grant to set up a new Neighbourhood-Commissioning Programme, supporting artists and residents in collaborative processes of performance making, inter-neighbourhood forums and city-debates.  

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